Nibbles & Light Dishes

Olives     £2.50 (gf) (vg)

Chips     £3.00(gf) (vg) (v)

Paprika chips with sour cream & chive dip (gf)(vg)    £3.50

Posh chips - blue cheese, basil mayonnaise and chilli sauce (gf) (vg)    £4.50

Polenta chips with rosemary & parmesan cheese served with sour cream & jalapeño (gf) (vg)£4.00

Little salad jar of avocado mozzarella. tomato & rocket salad with pesto dressing (gf) (vg)    £4.00

Little salad jar of tomato, cucumber, avocado, rocket, hummus, radish & roast pumpkin
seed (gf) (vg) (v)    £4.50

Little jar of Greek salad (gf) (vg)    £4.00

Little goats cheese salad    £4.50 (gf)(vg)

Five Sausage bites wrapped in samosa pastry served with ketchup    £4.00

Homemade Scotch egg with tomato relish (gf)        £4.50

Homemade chorizo & sausage Scotch egg with sour cream & jalapeño sauce (gf)    £4.50

Hummus, bread & olives     with sour dough & Sicilian bread £5.00
(available as a be gluten free option) (vg)(v)

Tempura Prawns with chili sauce (gf)    £5.00

Little chicken, lemon & tarragon risotto (gf)    £5.00

Whole baked Camembert with bread, salad and chili & pepper chutney    £7.00
(available as a be gluten free option)(vg)

Fish finger sandwich with mustard mayonnaise, ketchup & rocket        £6.50

Chicken Sandwich with salad & basil mayonnaise        £7.00

Smoked Salmon & spring onion fishcakes with tartare sauce, salad and chips (gf)   £10.50

Prawn and chorizo risotto– chorizo ,prawns, white wine, fresh cream ,served with a fresh salad (gf )  £10.50

Smoked haddock, risotto – Smoked haddock, chives, white wine, fresh cream and Parmesan cheese  topped with a soft poached egg, curried almonds & coriander pesto served with a fresh salad (gf)         £10.50 (gf) (vg)

Ham, Eggs & Chips (gf)    £8.50

One/two potato & spring onion waffles served with mozzarella, beef tomato & basil (gf) (vg)    £6.50/£9.50

One/two potato & spring onion waffles served with pulled pork, avocado, barbeque sauce, sour cream & chili (gf) (vg)    £6.50/£9.50